Winner!  Humorist Award at SaraSolo Festival 2017 - presented to exceptional artists who use their wit to weave humorous and sometimes poignant stories about the human condition - for Bed, Beth and Beyond.


One woman's honest, funny and poignant celebration of life - and death.


Beth Dzuricky

" ... a comic gem ... watch her! ..."

Marie J. Kilker ​

...the show is remarkable for what it achieves. Dzuricky has a genius not only for recalling utterly specific details of events decades old, and remembering how she felt at the time, but also for conveying those feelings by volume, tone, expression, gesture, and intonation.   She also earned the loudest and most sustained applause I’ve heard (at the Fringe) so far this year.”
Steven Cherry  NY THEATER NOW

“Dzuricky won over the audience with her audacious manner, off-the-cuff humor and honest depiction of the most difficult times in her life. Bed, Beth, and Beyond is a sentimental drama that will speak to anyone who has survived the shock and loss of a loved one. ...she does a fine job of connecting with the audience and bringing us along with her; she is candid, humorous and poignant.”
Helen Herbert  theasy